Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Herd Immunity

 The article has reference to actual data.  (ok, it's the mere germ of an idea so far, but from tiny acorns...)

The country is conducting an experiment in Illinois. The cops haven't adjusted their behavior. And there is a dividing line on the calendar. Before this day crime is X. After this, crime is Y. And 'crime' has appeared to have dropped at a greater rate than the general downward trend nationwide. And the dividing line? Restrictive gun laws and no CCW turns into less restrictive gun laws and legit CCW.  Well, interesting.


Up until this it has been proven time and again that More Guns =/ More Crime.  More guns does not lead to more crime.  According to math.  Instead of how some Democrat 'feels.'   But now there is actual statistical indicators that indeed More Guns == Less Crime. So this is kind of a big deal.  If it continues to pan out.  So to do as you wish with your pistol in what lawful manner you choose unencumbered by prior restraint isn't just a matter of your Natural Right.  It's also sound public safety policy with regard to law and order.

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Anonymous said...

And, I'm confident we will see additional confirming results in the District of Corruption once Alan Gura & Co. get the courts to enforce more of the U.S. Constitution there.