Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Toddler Shoots

Seems like a lot of accidental shoots happening lately, perpetrated by toddlers.

What a horrible thing to have happen. An order of magnitude worse when there is a fatality along with the accident. And the blood dancers LOVE it when it happens. They can spin that to make it sound like you have a 75% chance of being popped by a kid still in diapers if you have a gun and there is a small child within 200 feet of you RIGHT NOW.

God, to LIVE like that. Where it is good news to your cause when this happens and you get to gleefully crow about, if only internally.

'Seems' is the word to concentrate on.  I doubt there is an actual statistically significant increase.  The media may be paying more attention lately, and they certainly don't report when there is a long lull period with such tragic happenings.  If the actual statistics showed a meaningful uptick the bad guys would cite it, even if it was only close to an uptick, they'd try to scam the numbers to make it appear so. 

But damn.  Please keep an eye on your weapon. 

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