Monday, February 16, 2015

Usual Monday Deficit

I did see Archie this weekend.  Crotchety old former neighbor now nursing home occupant.  We had lunch.  His memory is worse.  Though not as bad as he laments.

Things I learned from him this weekend.

The favorite plane he liked seeing taking off from an aircraft carrier was the Vought F4U.  He liked the gull wings.  Aesthetically pleasing.

Unmeltable chocolate in the K-Rations?  There was a reason it was so easy to steal.  People were more possessive of week old cigarette butts.

If you put a new started on your boat's motor, well, if that is the Opposite Rotating prop you don't have the right starter if you got if from your local auto parts dealer. 


NotClauswitz said...

It is a beautiful looking airplane, one of my favorites.

Old NFO said...

And a wooden main spar in the wing! Maple no less! Glad you got a chance to see him, and I'm sure he appreciated the company.

Bob said...

Treasure him while you still can. If you value him make sure he gets enough to eat, the typical nursing home worker doesn't care. Find out some of his favorite foods and bring them to him regularly. Same with music, try to find out what he listened to as a youngster and bring him CD's of it, or get him a laptop so he can listen to it on Pandora.

Arthur said...

"...People were more possessive of week old cigarette butts."

Yes, the people who fought WWII were definitely a different breed.

A former smoker - I would kill you, your family, friends, and pets if you tried to take chocolate away from me.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

No melt chocolate <. The worst chocolate you have ever eaten, apparently.