Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pistol Optics

So, look around at the rifle range. What is the big differences you see now, compared to 25 years ago?

A lot more ARs, yes.

But a lot more 'red dot' optics. A veritable revolution is reflex sights. Their adaption was surely coming, but only accelerated by the .mil usage in the WoT. They're more rugged, and have longer 'battery' than anyone though possible. People were looking around for a replace rifle, when they got replacement sights.

It's not at the point of ubiquity, where you'll see em at every pistol range session like you do with rifles, but just wait a minute.

And, more and more, I've been seeing lil mini red dot pop up for pistols. Ok, ok, race guns. I can see they being huge for race guns. But they are starting to trickle to the CCW world now too. People asking around, "Hey is there a IWB holster for my gatt with onboard Trijicon and rail light?"

In 20 years will iron sight usage seem onld fashioned on pistols, too? I don't wanna see my 1911 with a mini ACOG up top...

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