Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bulldog Drummond pt 2

I reviewed this interwar story before.  Bulldog Drummond!  DSO, MC, Captain the Loamshire Regiment.  Four years fighting the Bosche.  Having sought out and read a lot of pulp adventure stories from this era, I do notice they have the same...  flavor?  The writing style and rhythm and feel all match, from story to story, author to author.

To recap, Captain Bulldog Drummond is a semi wealthy but underemployed post war vet looking for adventure.  He puts an ad in the newspaper seeking problems to solve, which he then jumps into with alacrity.  He has former army chums to help him out at times, as well as a valet.  A pretty damsel in distress answers his advertisement seeking help from this stranger.

I complained about his 'Automatic Revolver'

Then it hit me!  Maybe it's a Fosbery monstrosity?  That's definietly an automatic, and a revolver, and appropriate for the time period  Kicking myself.

Save for the fact he calls it 'little', it could be the Fosbery...  But my first impression was that the author and British Great War veteran just used the term 'revolver' for any handgun.  And that initial instinct still sticks.  In the book, he pockets the 'automatic revolver' and it seems to be concealable in the palm of Drummond's hand.  These characteristics do not describe the Webley-Forsbery revolver, which is certainly full size.

He also calls it a 'Colt', too, so... A Little Colt Automatic Revolver.  No confusing Colt and Webley, now.  But I thought I was onto something with the Fosbery blind alley. Back to the drawing board.  That'll teach me to eat pizza late and stay up reading in bed.


LoFan John said...

I've seen in other books by British authors the casual use of "revolver" for any sort of pistol. I'm old enough to have grown up calling them all pistols, only some of which were revolvers.

Angus McThag said...

H&R and Iver Johnson break-open revolvers were referred to and marketed as "automatic" revolvers.

They simultaneously eject all of the rounds automatically when you break open the action.

They are small guns, unlike the Fosberry.


Old NFO said...

I'd have to go with Angus' answer. That sounds plausible...