Friday, November 6, 2015


We get letters...  We get letters every day.... Ding dong!  Here's you mail today!

When blogs were big, I got few emails from folks.   The ones I did get wanted product reviews and I enthusiastically said yes to that, but then nothing was ever sent to me for review... 

Now that blogs are dying I am getting more, for some reason.

Lucky Gunner wanted me to know about their new feature.  They are posting pics of ballistic gelatin results for a whole bunch of ammo brands and varieties.  He referenced an actual blog post about the Manhattanite that thinks a few liberals can join the NRA and take it over, so he ACTUALLY read my blog.   He has no idea I am an occasional customer, tho, as I use a name other than "T-Bolt" to BUY ammo.  I bought a bunch of .45 Federal HST and Gold Dot .38 from there, last time, I am pretty sure.  Relegating my Hydro-Shocka-Locka to practice ammo. 

AmmoToGo wants me to get their free ammo and take a picture of a new shooter enjoying themselves shooting it.  Well, you get the ammo AFTER the publicity is sent to AmmoToGo.  And the ammo is 9mm...  So he doesn't read my blog.

And Blaser keeps asking me over and over if I can see their new website.  No.  I cannot.  It's on tumblr and I try to avoid tumblr if at all possible.  Blaser, when I looked before, has interesting high end thunber-boomers. 

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Anthony Welsch said...

You're right! I didn't know you're a customer - we certainly appreciate it and hope the Gold Dots and HSTs are working out well. - Anthony at LG.