Friday, November 13, 2015

Bupkis, pt. 111

I got nuffin'

Mainly cuz I been playing Fallout 4.

Hey, there is gun content in that!

Now, the Fallout universe diverges from our own after the Enola Gay.  In that universe, nuclear power is more developed, but they don't quite figure out transistors or microchips.  The Cold War continues a pace, with China emerging as the stronger competitor to America.  Then WWIII in 2077.  The game takes place in the post apocalyptic world 200 years after that. 

The non-laser stuff with the guns in game is either so primitive looking it would embarrass a zip gun makers.  The sort of bullet thrower pipe guns you turn in for the $50 Gift Card when the police conduct a 'Gun Buy Back'.  Or they are pristine looking Tommy Guns.

But the game also takes place in the Boston area, and you know Massachusetts gun laws... 

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