Saturday, November 21, 2015

Make up yer minds, Leftists

"There isn't a terrorism problem!  You have a greater chance of dying of infection from a paper cut!  Let the Syrian 'refugees,' which seem to be composed mostly of military aged males, in."

"We have a HORRIBLE terrorism problem!  We must ban anyone on the secret terrist watchlist from being allowed to own a gun, due process be damned!"

Well?  We either have 800,000 people already here that are too dangerous to be allowed near a gas station, much less in a gunstore or on an airplane, or we can import hordes of folks from regions chockablock with murderous barbarians and their supporters and sympathizers, where they make up 90+% of the population.  Which is it? 

Keep in mind we are already struggling with immigration from friendlier neighbors but that are still bringing criminal elements along and are pressuring all wages down in this soft employment market.

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J Bogan said...

Come on NJT, in order to make up their minds, first they must HAVE one.