Thursday, November 19, 2015

Need a License to Purchase

One thing about the HQL Maryland now requires to buy a restricted gun (see:  handguns) is that it also hurts the gun ranges that rent out pistols.

My local range didn't like to rent out a gun to someone that doesn't already have a gun with them.  Folks were using the range to off themselves right there.  It didn't happen often, but you don't need that sort of thing to happen very often to not want it to ever happen again.  It's just a range rule.  Like the common rule "Do NOT unholster loaded firearms" many guns stores have even in gun friendly states.

But the new Maryland reg means the rental range can't transfer a weapon for someone to shoot just at the range without the recipient also having the the little ID card saying it's kosher.  I guess if I, with my one $100 HQL, could take a buddy to the rental range, and rent a series of guns for that person to test out to see what they like.

But it's a pain.

Hey, the gun grabbers saw how that was used to help kill the gun culture up in Massachusetts, might as well try it here.

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