Monday, August 29, 2016

Easy Access

A Masaad post was making the rounds.

Essentially "What is your easiest access firearm when you are to home?"

Sorta implied apart from your CCW, I guess.  The Bump-In-The-Night gun.

My CCW that is also easy access is still the dang snubbie, and the quick access house gun is... a larger revolver.  Other stuff is more securely... uhh... secured

I am thinking no-bueno.

I am thinking a carbine with a flashlight needs to be more to hand.

But I don't want it just sitting out for the burglars or handyman come to fix the Dryer to see.

Maybe an odd narrow shelf in the closet on the inside but the doorside of the space.  Non-usual shelf.  I found the perfect brackets for this evolution, you see.  Now I have a plan...  I've had this inkling before, now there is execution...

There is also those gun furniture ideas, but I can't think of any I'd spend money on.  Except maybe a giant bookshelf.

So carbine with a flashlight or finally get something plastic to replace that larger revolver and have a light rail on the new gun.


abnormalist said...

I'm honestly a fan of the hi-point 4595 with reflex sight for something like this. I have one in the bedroom wall safe behind a full length mirror. Takes about 2-3 seconds and I have a 9 shot semi auto carbine throwing large pieces of lead with minimal recoil, and minimal flash, and minimal muzzle blast. Mines closing in on 1.5k rounds without issues (running everything from JHP to SWC). Solid cheap gun that I wouldn't cry if it ended up in an evidence locker. Pull some of the acres of rail off the thing, and de-ghetto it a little and its not a bad option.

Mike W. said...

My carbine with a light on it is easily accessible, since it's my home defense gun, yet hidden from plain sight enough that Joe Schmo walking in isn't going to immediately go "Oh look, free gun!"