Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Range Bag

This has been my range bag of late.

Lockable.  Plenty of room for the essentials.  If I shoot something with bigger bullets I take out the gun rug and carry is separate.  I can fit a buncha mags and a box of ammo in it then, easy,  But this has been .22 of late.

Much more convenient than the big gym bag looking thing.  Simple. But no stapler or first aid kid or tools or what not.  Or more than one gun.

It's a plastic ammo can, if you can't tell.

1 comment:

Greg said...

Hmm, looks like the 50 caliber size. Are they also available in 30 cal? Seriously though, it's a pretty good idea. Great for the basics, which is all you need most of the time, except when you occasionally have more than an hour or two and you need to bring some more guns, ammo etc. I also like that they are pretty water-resistant.