Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Howdy Folks

Been away for a while and I STILL don't have the blog fodder.  Bit of a rut.

Lessee... since I been gone I've gotten tanned and tired.  Growing old sucks.  But brown as a nut. Your metabolism is no help like it was, and you run out of gas sooner.  I don't think I could take my little brother.  Much less a bad guy.  Not hand to hand.  And if I held my own somehow my stamina would soon fail me.  More argument for letting Citizens be armed, per the Constitution, to defend themselves.

But that means even some of these idiot around here would be armed as well!  I wouldn't trust some of these people locked overnight in a padded room, nekkid, with 2 bowling balls.  Much less a gun.  The next morning one bowling ball would be broken and the other missing.  Probably turn up later, pregnant.

That's the thing with rights.  Even the idjits have them, and that's well and proper. 
But fer criminy, stop playing with your firearm.  Please.  And, if it's not too much trouble, it'd be nice if you tried to get better with it. 

Of course, all these things, apply to me.  Plenty of folks would consider ME the idjit, in mixed company.  But at least a self-aware one.


I need to try this corn dodger recipe.

Slate, yes, I know!   But it looks simple, and that appeals.

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