Sunday, August 28, 2016

This Ever Happen to You?

"Gah!  So frustrating!  If another thing goes wrong with this car I'm gonna eat my Glock."

"Hey, Buddy?  Can you do me a favor?  Could you jump off a bridge or something?  The fewer firearms deaths the better for the 2nd Amendment, ya know?  Yeah, I know suicide shouldn't count against the forces of freedom, but the gun banners are irrational types.  You can't drive to a bridge?  Right.  The car.  Any train tracks near your place?  Are you good with knots?"

And if you HAVE to go on a murder spree can you use a knife or something?

It's a horrid hope.  "Please don't use a gun because that is bad for me, politically.  Use something else." 

1 comment:

Erin Palette said...

If it make you feel any less horrid, I hope the exact same thing.

I'll save you a place next to me in hell. :P