Saturday, August 20, 2016

I hate WalMart

And not just because it is festering with criminals.  Or I'm a snob.

I went to one with Amish parking in rural Ohio, and it was kinda nice.  If there are buggie outside I might stick my head in.

But the check out situation is no good.  I like Harris Tweeter because they actively try to keep the lines moving.  I am too rage filled to deal with regular grocery store lines, it's much worse at WalMart.

The grocery selection is usually drek, too.  

Fortunately I live in a liberal country near to Washington DC.  And the only ones that hate WalMart more than me are those elites running the show here.

That said... You go online and order from them with more than $25 you get free shipping.  And you can use PayPal.  Good way to stock up on Charmin and laundry detergent.  Save a bundle.

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