Friday, April 19, 2019

Finally got back to the range

On the 18th.  Road construction has calmed considerably near the range.  Didn't shoot half bad.

I had another target that fell down.  No, not because I struck the trolley.  I forwarded into the back stop trying to retrieve it, instead of reversing, and the jar was enough to shake it loose.  It was lousy long range shooting that favored the right side of the bullseye.  If firing for score at distance, adjust point of aim to the left of bull a bit, T-Bolt.

Anyway, 57 rounds of AR, no malfunctions, 896 since I built the gun.

Starting to get flinchy at target 3.  The one at 5 o'clock on target 1 was a called flinch.

I noted that the back of the slide where the rails are there was a tiny bit of oil back there.  Still.  Which is good.  A good sign.  Which is also why I expected no malfunctions this time.  The gun isn't dry yet.

Speaking of dry, I don't know if it helped, but I did some dry firing.  A trigger squeeze is totally different when there is no explosion at the end.  If I had any discipline I'd take the time to do a few DAILY.  Dangit

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