Sunday, April 28, 2019


NRA:  "There are no shennanigans going on behind the scenes."

Narrator:  "There were lots of shennanigans going on behind the scenes..."

Not knowing the truth of who is doing what to who, and I am not sure if I had lots of inside sources that agreed to chat me up I'd know, really, who was doing what to who, I have no idea to root for?

Colonel North?
Wayne LaPierre?
Outside expensive PR Agency Ackerman McQueen?
That guy that threw a cellphone on stage for Trump to sign?
Tom Selleck?
Who is right?  Who is the white hat?

I know!  Me.  I am rooting for me, and the membership.  I hope we come out ok, and soon.

(Apparently, the hats of Ollie and AM look a little smudged right now.  But are they?  Can't tell by looking at the shadows of this cave wall.)


Miguel GFZ said...

Ollie tried to stage a coup with the hired help. He pulled a Fredo Corleone and went outside the family. That is a no-no.

Whatever else happens Monday, North and Ack Mack must go forever.

Paul said...

Unless you are a voting member, get involved, and GO THERE TO VOTE, how would one know?