Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vegan sez wha?

Vegans wants me to hunt down animals with my bare hands and eat the meat raw.

Yeah, that was a different kind of Homo.  No, not THAT Homo.  Sheesh.  The other kind.  The Genus kind.  No, not GENIUS kind...

It was like 3 or four species ago when we did that kind of thing.  Now we fashion tools.  And we cook it.   That's what makes us so smart to be able to communicate with Vegans using typed words converted to light and beamed around.  The fat in the easily digestible cooked flesh made the brain so big.

And we cooperate with others like ourselves so maybe we can specialize in our labor.  So I can let someone else hunt down and slaughter and cook my cheeseburger and in exchange write blog posts for money that I then give to the mighty Burger-Jaeger.

Not eat raw exhausted deer like some dumb Australopethicus.

1 comment:

Sendarius said...

Jebus, these vegans think themselves so smart.

How intelligent do you have to be to sneak up on a carrot, anyway?