Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Holy Crap, it's a Zombie TV Show!

Black Summer.  Netflix

Hope it's better than the early disappointment Walking Dead. 

The first ep starts off like the modernized, 2004, Dawn of the Dead.  Pretty blonde girl, husband changes, it's sprinter zeds, and she is rescued by a black dude.  Standard Romero trope right there.  Black Savior Constant.  I've always said if the dead animate to feast on the living buddy up with a black dude.  If the movies are any guide your chances improve dramatically. 

I can't find old references to that online because search engines want you to look at stuff they own or fresh stuff or both. 

But I don't think the presence of a black actor has to do with the title of the series. 

It's a good take on the zombacalypse.  No one really knows what is going on.  Martial authorities are stretched thin, past the breaking point, but it looks like martial law is in place wherever there are pockets of uniforms. 

Surprisingly few guns. 

Lots of cars appear out of gas, but it hasn't been long enough to run out of ammo. 

Oh, everyone turns.  You die you re-animate.  Got that all from the first episode. 

The drama is in the confusion and not knowing and following a small handful of folks.


Drake said...

Will check out Black Summer. Am always looking for a good zombie series. Especially since TWD and FTWD have declined so much in story and plots.

Z Nation is a very good series. Done very well. Mixes humor with the deadly serious. It somehow manages to successfully Jump The Shark, sometimes several times within an episode, but they pull it off. It's the added element of humor.

Windy Wilson said...

There's a website of tv and movie tropes, the savior black dude might be one of them.