Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fictional Gun Meme

~ sigh ~

Another meme.

I'll play.

My favorite fictional gun was the Plager Katsumate Series-D Blaster, Model 2019 Chief's Special. It was carried by Blade Runner units and we know about becuase Rick Deckard carried it (Harrison Ford).

Realistic plastic replicas are made and sold to movie fanboys (I know because another buddy has one. Hi, Maxwell). Non firing. And a few SUPAH fan boys work on making funtioning models. At least for the revolver part. I can't see how you'd make the bolt action part work as it is JUST a receiver. This is one of the plastic replica kits:

This movie prop gun was cobbled together from a Steyr bolt action rifle and a .44 Special, apparently (or maybe, it's all quite convoluted). Double trigger, double barrel. 5 beans in the wheel-gun part for you ordinary dirt bag, and a second single rifle sized shot for the extra SPECIAL dirt bag. Or Replicant. Talk about stopping power. It had LEDs on it. To make it look cool and From The Future.

Heh, that bolt rifle part may have a box magazine for it on the under part. A cartridge would have to swing around the revolver barrel to get into the chamber. And that rifle barrel must be, what, a whole INCH long? Less? In some pictures you can see the breech face almost at the tip of the upper barrel. That can't be good for ballistics. And I am unimpressed with the sights of The FUTURE, but maybe you need to not have it snag on your holster when some super-strong android is trying to kill you. I believe THIS is a pic of the ACTUAL prop gun and all other pics here are various mock-ups:

Look close. The Steyr part still says 'Made In Austria' on the Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL receiver. In The FUTURE the Japanese were supposed to have eaten our economic lunch. At least people thought that in the early 80's. Someone, someday will become 'greater' than America, but chances are the expected usual suspects won't be it. China has that proud distinction today, and again (they were the bogeyman in the 60s, the Soviets in the 50s and shared it with the German's in the 30s, the Brits were the big boys before that.) My guess is that one day the mantle of world leadership and economic dominance with pass from American shoulders to... Bolivia? And I welcome our Bolivian-Superman Overlords!

Best part was... Cops in this envisioned future were carrying revolvers. They were cops, not soldiers, and didn't feel the need to lay down suppressing fire.

How bad is it when you long to have the future-distopia-neo-noire world because it was LESS perceptibly tyrannical than some conditions in this, the actual real world future?

Lots of prop guns are like that. Modding an existing firearm. Like Han Solo's blaster from Star Wars. Just a Broomhandle Mauser with a flash hider and couple other bits cobbled on. Second favorite.


Jack Gordon said...

The Jawas were packing some Lee Enfield based blasters, too. Good stuff.

Windy Wilson said...

And what was that pistol carried by Mal in Firefly? It looked something like a Schofield with some funny bits stuck on.

Anonymous said...

According to several sources, Mal's pistol was built around the shell of a smaller Taurus revolver.