Sunday, March 29, 2020

Ammo Panics

Tam talks about Ammo Panics. 

As an aside she mentioned she worked a counter on New Years Eve, 1999, right before Y2K, and that was a wild time, she relates.  I wish I had been involved in the gun scene to see it.

You know...  That might have been the precursor to my first gun purchase.  Even back then I had my head screwed on at least a little tighter than some.  I didn't wait til the last moment to get a pistol.  I got it in the Spring or early Summer.  A .357,  my 686.  And maybe 2 boxes of ammo.  I was SET.  First real gun.  Oh, I had a Springfield .03, but the head space was suspect.  All I know was it was made after they sussed out the heat treatment issues with the receivers.

I felt a panic coming for November 2008, if McCain didn't win.  Bought my M1A you see at the top of this blog in the Summer of 08.  I'm not allowed to buy one of those now.  But I beat the panic then, got a decent price.  Bought a case of battle packs to go with it, soon after, too. 

Subsequent panics I've been lucky.  Only inconvenienced.  I had something, I just wanted more.  I wasn't going to run out.

The only time I was stampeded was the gun control push in 2013.  Was a little too anxious and online auctions are not what you want to be into then.


michigan doug said...

Yes. The past had some strange moments.
Now we've had a run on TP and guns and ammo.
I just laughed and went to work like every other day.

kirkster said...

I got my M1A receiver during the 2013 turmoil... did not build it till last year... It has been a fun gun to shoot.