Thursday, March 26, 2020


You know, for decades I used Irish Spring bar soap for my personal washing.

Then I became wealthy and started using soap TWICE as expensive (don't hate.)

Mostly Pine Tar now.  The ingredient list is different than what I imagine pine tar soap was made from 100 years ago:

  • Palm and coconut oil derivatives, mostly
  • Glycerin, and water.
  • Then pine tar
  • Salt
  • Sodium gluconate

So, oils, very little soda.  I guess that cleans as long as it rinses away.

Things in Irish Spring not in Grandpa's?

Hydrogenated Tallow Acid, Coconut Acid, Fragrance, Pentasodium Pentetate, Pentaerythrityl Tetra‑Di‑T‑Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Titanium Dioxide, dyes

Anyway, I told you that to note this....  My skin on my flanks and legs doesn't dry out like it used to in the winter time.  I haven't used lotion in ages, and I think it is congruent to the soap switch.

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DaveS said...

It's expensive, but I'm with you - I've been using that very soap for a couple of years now. Good stuff!