Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hoarding Strategies

Ok, one day, soon, this panic will end.  Now you have to prep for the next one.

Toilet paper was the item in short supply, this time.  When the next panic comes...  Will people make a run on toilet paper?  Because now it is in folks' head that that is a think you do.  Like with a blizzard.

Or will more of us in the general population have a stash to weather a future trouble because of this one?  TP doesn't have to be the go to next time.   We saw that in gun buying and ammo panics.  Depending on the threat from Obama.  Green tip 5.56?  GONE.  No wait, it's back.  .22lr that one awful 11 months.  Nothing.  Nigh everything ammo that other time and got me thinking about buying WWII surplus .45 with corrosive primers.

But I, personally, with have an extra 2 dozen rolls of Quilted Northern in a cool dry place, yessir.  

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