Monday, March 23, 2020

Gun Panic

Firearm enthusiasts got complacent during the relatively good years of the W administration.  But a lotta folks, myself included, got caught up in the unprecedented buying panics after.  Those calmed down a bit.

But this Asian Contagion has knocked it all into a cocked hat.

Like many of you, I topped up when guns and ammo became more available years ago.  I can weather a panic, now.

I haven't gone near a gun store, but all reports is that it is a madhouse.  Chockablock with first time buyers.  Different from previous panics when it seemed more second-time buyers.  People with one AR getting a spare or whatnot.

It's shotguns, this time, at least in Maryland.  Easier to get permission to buy.  Heh, I should sell mine.   Naw.  I don't have the spares.  And while I am not a big shottie fan, a body does need SOMETHING.  In a different timeline I'd have  2 or 3 doubles and zero Remington Model 11s.

Anyway, I am wondering about the far end of this.  How soon before ammo companies cathc up again?  A year?  More?  Damned inconvenient, I say.  Ugh.  Drat.

Ya know what Ima do?   All the ammo I store away in 2008 to establish a floor.  The .45 mostly.  Magtech.  I'm swap fresh Federal for that and use the Magtech at the range.  It's only 10 years old, but rotation doesn't hurt unless newer stuff is substandard. 


Now, I don't want to add to their headache, so I am not going IN PERSON to the gun shop to get the real skinny from Tom.  Social distancings, avoiding panicky crowds, &c.  My info is from their social media announcments.  One day it is turning off the phone some and no self defense shotguns left, the next day is permanently disconnected and only 5 folks in the shop at once.  The next day is 3 people in the shop at once and zero ammo and zero shotguns.  This was last week. 

I dunno if people with handgun purchase permits are also cleaning him out.  They might be.  Which is good for me because I have a pistol on consignment at a reasonable no-panic price. 

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Anonymous said...

I broke out my militarized Mossberg 500 Persuader and the SHTF storage military grade 00 Buck shells. Loaded up a 56 round bandolier which gives me 7 full loads plus the one in the gun (7 + 1 capacity magazine). I pray I get to put it all away after this is over, and the home invasion scenario I am prepared for doesn't play out.

I ran into my like-minded brother and sister-in-law Friday afternoon. He says if shit goes down he's coming to my place. I told him bring food, supplies, and his firearms (he only has handguns). I also told them they would be issued rifles and ammo for guard/patrol duty.