Saturday, August 15, 2020


Saw this.  Did Serpa change it's holster retention mechanism from that horrible finger button?

Why yes they did!  I did not know that.

They still have the button kind (bottom) that folks grew to hate and now they have something different.  And you can tell by the price that something else is going on there because of the price difference. 

I'd go to the holster store to check this out, see how it works, but there are some problems.  Gun stores in Maryland aren't TOO het up about selling holsters.  So I have to go further afield.  And Rona is infecting the public places so availablity of retail establishments is hit or miss.  A Fun Show would be an option, but, Rona again.

So...  what do?

Help me Obi Wan Internet, you are my only hope.

Huh, that worked. Interesting. It is different with the button placement, with a non-trigger finger press.


Comrade Misfit said...

A lot of gunshops don't carry much in the way of holsters. One proprietor told me that there are just too many different guns and too many different holsters there are to stock them all.

slow joe crow said...

I'm left handed, I'm resigned to mail ordering holsters Personally I see no reason to buy any Blackhawk holsters after the ergonomic failure of the Serpa. Safariland SLS holsters use a thumb release as do several others that avoid the trigger finger too close to the trigger problem.