Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Cool.  The Army has been improving the suppressors for a their M240 7.62x51mm machine gun.  It's doesn't make it quiet, obviously, just less annoyingly loud.  A suppressor on that machinegun has to stand up to a LOT of stress.  I wonder what wonder-improvements they included

Have your ever fired a rifle with a suppressor?  With glass on it?  Indoors.  I know a lot of you haven't had the privelege.  Suppressors are fun, but not plentiful.  Heck I have to use someone elses. I don't own one yet.  

It kinda sucks.  Well, after the first one or two shots.  The suppressor gets HOT and puts out a lotta heat waves, obscuring your target.  If you want to shoot a few mags, stick to iron sights or your red dot.  Even then you will notice the heat mirage on non-breezy ranges.  

Just something to think about.  

(And I am still thinking on the DeLisle reproduction.)  


Ritchie said...

You may notice that a lot of rifle competitors are using suppressors, and many of them are using some sort of heat resistant wrap as a muffler cozy.

Jonathan H said...

I like my suppressors; I have 3, though I use 1 of them most of the time.
I almost exclusively use them with 9mm and 22, though the one is rifle rated. I like that I can get pistol calibers down to really quiet (conversation levels or less).

Why would you use a rifle with glass indoors, unless you're in a GIANT building?

Comrade Misfit said...

The DeLisle carbine replicas are interesting. If only the damn (insert lobbyist groups) had gotten their shit together and gotten the Hearing Protection Act through in '17-'18....

Marty said...

My Remington 700, glass scope, indoor 100 yard range, you can see the heat after about 20 shots. Now I have a heat shield for it that I got so I could test the can was screwed on tight enough, with a bare hand. Hot suppressors loosen. This stopped the rising heat.