Friday, January 25, 2008

Gummint Cheez-Food Check

So Uncle Sam is selling off my portion of the monster hunka Gummint Cheez off the big public wheel of it hidden somewhere in a DC warehouse, and sending me the proceeds. Extra money. FREE Money! And money the Congress is COUNTING on me to spend in order to infuse the economy with with the lubricant that makes the Free Market move. Lubricant is always good. What to buy, with so much public duty and responsibility riding on this purchase? Can't buy used, as used items were manufactured long ago, and the purchase doesn't directly and immediately impact producers, just retailers. Oh sure, my purchase of a used item might drive down supply of similar items forcing the NEXT guy to buy new... but that is all indirect. Or less direct. It is already indirect.

And if I buy something made far away that has a less direct positive impact on the domestic economy. But we do live in global market. Rising tide lifts all boat, if I buy from a factory in Delaware, Rio De Janero, or New Delhi. Still... Muhrrica! Yay!

Now if it was a check for $60,000, I'd buy an addition to my house. If it was a check for $6,000, I'd have a new electronics suite, but it will only be $600 of free money. What can I get, made domestically, that costs around $600.

Well, lets check the MASTER list, shall we?

Item # 1: 1911 style .45, Mil Spec/Loaded Springfield. Well, that one is already spoke for from my Tax Refund check and goes to Buy a Gun Day (April 15th is BAG day). So that's off.

Item # 2: Marlin 1894 C chambered in .357. Good enough for me. And it costs about... $600. Perfect. And for now it is still made in the good ol' USA.

I wonder if all the Congress Critters would approve of me spending their money on this type of product?

Oh... and I will name that lever gun: "Gummint Cheez"

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The reader you won't acknowledge said...

You know, I love that you are buying a gun with it, and you know how I am.