Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marksman Book Review

The Marksmanship Primer

I got this book via the NRA. They send out emails and this was advertised in one of them. I figured, what the heck? It's a collection of several writers expositions on improving your marksmanship. It is geared toward improving your hunting performance in large part, thought there is plenty in there for anyone. There is even a section of pistoleering

It's almost all just basics. Fundamentals. And that is its beauty. Shooting well isn't difficult, if you have a handle on the fundamentals. It's always applying those fundamentals that matters and is the dificult part. Sometimes, but only rarely, on a single shot, I feel it all click together. I have paid attention to all the fundamentals, consciously or unconsciously, and shot well that one time. Maybe a coupla few times a session. I think the secret to my shooting success lies in mentally drill drill drilling the fundamentals into my head until they are all second nature. Then applying those to actual shooting practice. And then practice practice practice. Maybe mix the two activities a bit.

I need to get out to the range more. For fun and practice. I have plenty of marksmanship books, now, I think. Maybe there are tips that will help me fine tune in books out there. But I need to get "coarse tuned" now.

I'm not near finished reading it, and it is the sort of thing you turn back to to re-read often. If I glean any particularly TASTY nuggets from between its covers I will share those here.

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