Thursday, December 5, 2013

Buy Ammo

I failed to secure some ammo on Buy Ammo Day, so I decided to have a lookie loo at the local smoke pole purveyor in case they had anything in stock.  They did.  Got the last box of bulk .22.  Only $34.  Gah.  Never thought I'd say that.  Only.  Here, nestled in some post-apoc headgear:

I think this is the last bulk purchase I'll do for a while.  I want to concentrate on stocking up on higher quality .22 instead.  I'll just have to wait though.  Save the plinking for my Barter-Trade ammo in the coming Hard Times.  Prolly get a big sack of potatoes, a gallon of cooking oil, and a bag of rice for this.  Maybe 50 multi-vitamins.

I found out my gunstore knows and keeps an eye out for some former co-workers I've blogged about in the past.  Corky and Chuckles.  Knows their full names and what they drive and everything.

Lots of guns in stock now.  ARs in heavy barrel configurations, and AR10s are still kosher (though M1As are not) in Maryland.  Pah!  A Colt Commander for just over a grand semi-tempted me but I tamped down that urge effectively.  Dammit.

Also, my Durango did this coming home from Thanksgiving.  I got it with 35,000 already on it, so I want to at least keep it til I personally put 200,000 on it before I even think about shopping for a new one.  It's been a good trouble free vehicle:

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