Saturday, December 7, 2013


When I worked at the brewery we had a lot of carboard trash to dump.  Another brewery had gone broke and we got their cases full of empty bottles.  We had to put these in OUR cases and there was no use for thousands of cartons of a defunct boxes.  So we got a green dumpster to up the paper products in to be properly recycled. 

Hooray!  Helping the environment.  And the rental on the green dumpster was 10 bucks less than the regular garbage dumpster.

Well, I got to work at 4AM every other morning.  I had to filter the beer into a bright beer tank and carbonate it before the rest of the crew arrived to bottle it at 9.  That was early enough to see the trash truck come to dump our bins.  First they'd grab the nasty brown dumpster and tip it back into the truck, back out of that, then dump the carboard into the same dumpster.  It was all going to the same place.  And that place was the landfill.  Suckers.  When we ran out of cardboard to throw out we got rid of a dumpster we had them take the brown one so we'd save some money.

Anyhow, this reminded me of that: 

Scroo you, planet Earth!

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