Friday, December 27, 2013

What did YOU get for Christmas?

Mine was light on the gun supplies front.  Just a coupla speed loaders.  Which is great and all, but, I still feel like sumthin is missing...

Maybe I'll hit the Fun Show tomorrow.  Get some exercise.  Spend some money.  Maybe MBtGE and JayG will be there.

What do I want from there?  Nuthin really.  A rifle.  A hunting rifle.  For lefties.  It's really the only hole in my set.  I have perfectly serviceable deer killing rifles, but they are all milsurp types.  And my eyes are older now.  I may need something I can mount glass on someday soon.

Use my Christmas money to buy a Christmas pre-64 Winchester.

Wait, didn't I say that the last time the Circus was in town?  Well, it's more likely for me to go this time.  Instead of 50/50, like...  98%?  99 even.  I have been checking my gun cash of late...

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Siege said...

Got a Gerber locking Multi-pliers (as far as I can tell, that's the name. If it's the same one I'm looking at, it's standard issue for the Canadican military), an entry level Dremel tool (finally, I'm a true Kel-tec owner!), an action cam (first person training videos, go!) a bluetooth headset that's too smart for my idiot phone, and socks.

Between college graduation money and Christmas, I've also got enough to look at buying my first AR-15 as well.