Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guns in School

So a dude in liberal MARYLAND, extra liberal Montgomery County, brings a .50 caliber S&W revolver to his work at the tony and exclusive Georgetown Preparatory School.  Intent on mayhem?  No, just not that bright, and figured he'd be able to take the gun to the gunsmith after work and what is the harm as it is unloaded and he didn't want to just leave it in the car.  That sort of thing.


Thing is, the law in Maryland just applies to public schools.  No guns allowed there.  Private schools, it's not a crime.  So prosecutors dropped the gun charge.  He had some drug paraphernalia on him and they threw that on the charge list, but that is minor charge.  So instead of a 3 year felony he will get probation for the crack pipe or whatever it was.  Justice in MoCo.  Huh.  Whoda thunk.

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Old NFO said...

I'm amazed he isn't UNDER the jail...