Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Almost feel sorry for them

So, an out of touch Leftist director is gonna use his hit movie making talents to make parody videos to shame Congress critters into supporting gun control.

Yeah, they've been trying that for years now and it always boomerangs back in their faces.  So, go ahead, I guess.  Beclown yourself and keep the issue in the forefront.  It'll be funny twice.  The first, when we watch it, the second when it backfires. 

The made up complaint is that the 'gun lobby' has politicians in their pocket.  Sure our side has some money, but is that our primary motivator?  Is that how we get politicians to toe the line?  I'd think it was our numbers and motivation at the polls that really catches a politician's attention.  I bet hollywood lobbiest have a LOT more money to throw around.  And a lot fewer votes at the polls.

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Concur with your estimate...