Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'm getting tired of liberals whining, "if only the Rethuglicans didn't block the funding the Centers for Disease Control could study gun violence and help put an end to it."

Look, genius, the CDC mission creep is so bad that they can't do their original mission half effectively.  So when we DO need Big Gov to address something, they fail at it.  It'd be nice if they were still sorta kinda experts on the subject of communicable disease, what with some respiratory ailment spreading amoung young kids and... uh... what was it?  Oh, right, EBOLA. 

That what I like about over reaching Big Gov pols.  They aren't smart enough to make Big Gov effective and just rent seek and turf grow, so voters see it becoming incompetent and leaves the issue vulnerable to effective libertarian arguments against.

But go ahead, CDC.  Study how many people get their toes run over by a forklift at work.  Reinvent the wheel.  What a waste.


Trần Văn Quảng said...
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Jerry The Geek said...

As informative as that last comment was (my vietnamese, after about 50 years, is limited to "Dinki Dao!") I DO have some things to say about an unbridled CDC.

Back In The Day, CDC was spending an inordinate amount of time whining about guns. Specifically, they considered "Gun Violence" as a "disease", and hence railed against it in that context.

They were unable to address it as a societal issue (which they are unqualified to address), so private gun owners were treated, by the CDC, as a Disease.

Which it is not. It makes for good politics, but bad science. So they got beaten down for a while.

Have they learned their lesson? Only time will tell. One suspects .. not!