Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Metrocons Defined

Governor Cuomo didn't expect to get as much heat for this long for passing onerous rights-curtailing gun legislation.  Good.  I hope it kills his career.  But one graph buried in this Times article is telling.  It is almost a perfect definition of what a Metrocon is.  People in the city and suburbs only see firearms in two contexts.  Either in a cop's holster or in a crooks hand.  And since they are not a cop or a crook, anything that might make guns be around, even ostensibly, is fine by them.

"In a poll conducted by Siena College in March, the Safe Act drew support from 63 percent of voters statewide. But opinions varied significantly by region: 79 percent of voters in New York City and 63 percent in the city’s suburbs approved of the laws, compared with only 45 percent in upstate New York."

79 or 63 to 45.  Those number have a lot of Liberal, obviously, but there are lots of conservatives in the city and close in suburbs.  How do you make those oridinary urban people see firearms as something for them, and not just for Law Enforcement or Bad Guys? 

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