Thursday, October 2, 2014

Armed Man

Armed Man Shared Elevator With Obama

Now I am no fan of the President or his policies.  And I'd certainly never vote for him for even dogcatcher (yum!).  But if I was trapped on an elevator with Obama and I had a 1911 in my hand, in how much danger would the President be?

(Assume the president acts like himself, and this is not some parallel universe where he is some kinda icepick murderer.)

How much danger would he be in if you were armed and in an elevator with him?

Right!  None whatsoever.  I'd even be polite.

Yeah, yeah, this case with the guard might be slightly different.  Unlinke you and me, he had a 'criminal record.'  Can't be that bad a criminal record.  He was hired as a guard at a Federal institution.  He at least sounds like a fan.  If a bit over-exuberant.  Perhaps creepily so.  


Murphy's Law said...

Obama and his handlers even require that military personnel in combat zones be disarmed when he visits them to use them for photo ops. They demand a complete and total monopoly on even the potential to use force.

Anonymous said...

Story is the recent incursion was accomplished because the burglar found a door open and overpowered a female SS Agent.
Who was unarmed as are all internal WH SS Agents!

As for politeness, myself, to a limit.
It would take great strength to shake such a man's hand.