Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ammo Prices

50 years ago.

Check out page 53.  The Ad in Guns Magazine that says "PREPAID AMMUNITION"

4 cents a round for .45 and 5 cents a round for non corrosive .30-06.  75 cents for an M1 Carbine magazine.

Phew.  Even WITH inflation in the intervening years... 

Of course if you are gonna use a time machine to go back to 1964, might as well get your hands on 1964 silver coinage, and rinse repeat that process til you have real money.

How do you do that?  No one is gonna make change for your $20 bill with a 2008 date on it.  Yeah.  Bring back old pennies from 1963?


Kristophr said...

Bring a box full of cheap-assed solar powered calculators, and sell them for $500 each in 1964.

Drive to Canada, buy 14 ounces of gold with each $500, and bury it somewhere.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Take any "Silver" Coins you have today, melt them down until you get a few pounds of Silver BARS made up. Save the Zinc and Copper for later. Then take them back to 1924, and exchange them for REAL GOLD COINS. Then take those coins to a Hardware Store, and order a Thompson Submachine Gun, a 1911, a Colt Monitor, a Luger.....

Kristophr said...


You need to get them Amnesty registered in 1934, of they are still contraband today.