Thursday, April 14, 2016

48 Hrs

1982.  Movie.  Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy

Was watching this and appreciated the attention to detail with the gun handling.  It showed reloads from cover, revolvers galore.  When Nolte loses his .357 revolver he borrows a .45.  Really nice movie work with firearms for that era.  But I need to watch it again beginning to end with that in mind.  I wasn't watching looking for flaws, I'm saying. 

Like...  I didn't count the shots in time.  But I don't think it was 9 and then a reload.  It's easy to screw that up in a movie.  You can be trying to be careful and realistic when filming and then editing out a scene will make a revolver barrel seem to hold 14.


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Old 1811 said...

If I'm thinking of the right movie (and I may not be; I'm old), in the opening shootout, Nolte gives up his Model 29 to the bad guy in order to save his partner. The bad guy kills his partner anyway, Nolte takes off running, and the bad guy fires at him EIGHT TIMES with the Model 29. That's entertainment!