Saturday, April 23, 2016


I know that guy!

I met him at an NRA convention.

And, hey, look!  He's talking about Gun Crow laws.  Good for him.  Thank you Mr. Cooke. 

Can you imagine if, after 1965, they got rid of all the other Jim Crow laws, including the prohibitions about black people acquiring the tools to defend themselves, but forgot one of the other ones?  Like, all the other Jim Crow laws were repealed but the separate drinking fountains was still a thing?  And people just went along with that, like it was ok?

In 1834, alarmed by Nat Turner’s rebellion in Virginia, Tennessee amended its state constitution to make this purpose unambiguous, clarifying that the “right to keep and to bear arms” applied not to “the freemen of this State” — as the 1794 version of the document had allowed — but to “the free white men of this State.”
Imagine that.

When someone says they just want to pass 'sensible gun safety regulation' call them a racist Kluxer, without irony.

The 1968 Gun Control Act was passed under the columns of smoke from riots after MLK was assassinated. 

You think crack cocaine was a CIA conspiracy but you ignore this? 

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