Monday, April 18, 2016

When you meet him

He seems standoffish.  Like you have money to give him, but he doesn't want to take it.  He give you excuses to NOT deal with him.

It's a gunsmith shop, not a gun shop.  Looky-loos just take up resources.

Gruff demeanor.

Is it bad business, scaring paying customers off?

I thought so, but now it seems to be more of a thing where he wants to be sure you are serious and motivated, despite discouragement, to get a gun worked on, what with the wait times and costs.

The first time I met Sam he was like that.  The only time he brightened up was when I noticed a flyer for one of his classes.  He was enthusiastic about me doing that.  Of course learning stuff would lead to knowing exactly what he was grousing about with sad talk about my gun he didn't want to work on.

His Yelp reviews bear this out with other folks
having a similar experience.

It took me a year to sign up for that class.  I did it, and learned stuffs.  Took another class.  The rest is history.  Sam is downright pleasant once he thinks you are semi-OK and understand what he is about.

Or maybe I am all wet on my assessment and thusly I am glad he doesn't know this blog exists.

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Jerry The Geek said...

Oh, good. It isn't "Just Me".

In my experience, gunsmiths are the most antisocial grouchy particular members of the shooting community.

Anyone who doesn't work hard to get along with them, doesn't have a reliable gun.