Friday, April 1, 2016

Second Pistol

Seems like everyone has 2 carry pistols. 

Not the carry rotation, a different gun for a different fashion day of the week in a carry rotation sort of way.  Different 9mm depending on the mood.  No.  Not that.

But the pistol you'd rather have and the smaller more convenient better than nothing pistol you carry when you can't really carry.  The dash to the mailbox pistol.  The summer cargo pants and t-shirt gun.  The easier of the two pistols.  Often in a pocket holster.  A 'better than nothing' carry.

Some have a .380.  Tam has been known to have a .32 magnum or S&W long or something in a snubbie format, and with that lightweight S&W alloy frame.   Which is kinda cool, if you ask me.   Compact AND revolvery.  Often gains an extra bean in the snubbie that way, too.  6 instead of 5. 

Being from a May-Issue state, I carry MY second pistol more than the full size 1911 that would normally be preferred.  It is easier to uncase and 'holster up' pocket a pocket pistol at the border than to finagle with the snaps of an IWB in the car.  Mine is a S&W 640 (that's a stainless snubbie that can fire .357) in .38+P.  I shoot it just ok.  And it might be the bulkiest and heaviest 2nd pistol out there.  Except for that 8 shot .38 short barrel they have, but I'd need special pants pockets for that.

My gunsmith sensei gun-kata shooting instructor guru guy (He'd be appalled if I called him sensei, but he doesn't read this blog.  And I am tongue in cheek about it anyway) has a pocket pistol, too. 

Now a NORMAL pistol for him is usually OCed on a riggers belt sorta thing.  He has no sentiment for individual pistols, and will sell you his favorite, so the pistol can change.  But lately he figures he would rather do nothing but 1911s and would if nothing but 1911s paid all the bills, and if he is going to do some shooting instruction or shooting he should at least be a walking advertisement so he is trying to carry some flavor of 1911 in a gaudy color.  But that is neither here no there.

His pocket carry pistol of choice that ends up being his more frequently carried pistol for convenience is... a Keltec... .32.

Correct, not even a .380.

But he is scary good and accurate.  To make up for the smallness there is bullet placement.  Not ideal but a set of keys are more bulky.


Mack Culverhouse said...

Colt Series 80 in IWB Galco gun leather for most things, S&W 642 for denied places, taking out the trash, running to the beer store, etc.

ASM826 said...

If you were always accurate, you could carry a pellet gun and just shot them in the eye.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah, but are their pellet guns in the size of a Keltec .32?

Jerry The Geek said...

Pocket-Dropit is a P3AT; belt a Taurus stubby

Comrade Misfit said...

Colt Detective Special. Really lightweight, a S&W 442 with wadcutters.

B said...

Para LDA in .45ACP for when I can. Beretta 3032 for when I can't.

Taurus TCP for working around the house.
I can shoot the first two pretty accurately, the third adequately. (Plus there are better choices secreted in the house, garage, barn, shed, etc., so all I have to do is use the TCP to get to one of those places. Then things are more equal.))

First rule in a gunfight: Have A Gun.

Mike W. said...

I think Tam's been carrying her S&W BG380 as her pocket gun these days instead of the .32 H&R Mag 432PD she used to.

Me? My go-anywhere, slip in the pocket, carry when I can't get made gun is my .25ACP Beretta Jetfire. The Jetfire gets carried when I'm carrying a real gun also.

And if I don't have to tuck a shirt, my S&W M&P Shield disappears in a Errand Appendix carry rig. That gun, in that holster, gets carried more than anything else these days