Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bloodymore Murderland

A particularly spicy weekend here in our State's largest city that isn't all gentrified like DC is.  12 shot in a weekend, 8 separate events.

Since massive gun control laws were passed on 2013 crime in Baltimore is way up.

But that is also coincidental with the trend of Democrat cities losing favor with the active policing policies, of the type that Giuliani put in place in New York in the 90s, that finally turned the Death Wish hellscape in that NY around.  Post Freddy Gray, Balitmore PD has pulled back and held back because leadership doesn't have their back.  Understandable, and the fault is in the leadership, not the patrol level.  Policy has changed, policing is purposely muted, so crime flourishes.

Don't visit Baltimore.  Not even the nice parts.  I used to routinely go to the city.  Not a good idea anymore. 

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