Monday, December 24, 2007

Ammo Stockpile

Great. The inestimable Kim du Toit, worried about a political victory in the US by people hostile to our Civil Right and to Capitalism, and also in light of commodities price increases, has changed his recommendation from:

Have 100 rounds in each gun you shoot available and 1000 in the primary shooting pieces.


Have 1000 in each and 5000 in your scary looking major caliber semi-automatic rifle.

He wants to make 2008 an ammo-buying year, and recommends purchasing from domestic manufacturers, for quality and to support their business.

Sigh. And I was getting close to that first recommendation. Good thing I got a decent raise and stopped smoking.

The big reason? He worries about the possibility of lean years ahead. Democrat party official might ban importation of ammo and cite it as protection for domestic industries rather than a means to keep ammo out of the hands of citizens. So the price could artificially skyrocket that way.

I don't have $2500 though. 7.62 is $.50 a round. Generally.


Anonymous said...

I have about 400 rds for my SKS...and about 600 rds for my Mosin-Nagant rifles...maybe 1500 rds for my .22 pistol. Need to buy more for my 9mm and .380...but centerfire rifle ammo is expensive!! But I will buy at least 300 more rds of 7.62 in the coming year. Need some more 12 gauge and to purchase a .357 as well.

Anonymous said...

There oughtta be an online "Ammo Clock" to advise folks on how much ammo to have on hand. For example, if Hillary becomes President, the Ammo Clock would move from 5,000 rounds to 10,000. If Paul or Thompson wins it might move back from 5,000 to 2,500.

Anonymous said...