Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DVD Review Bleg

There are a bajillion videos that teach about various aspect of shooting. How-To videos. Be it, Introduction to the 1911, beginner gunsmithing, archived WW2 training films, Reloading 101, self-defense firearm handling, 'Improve Your Whitetail Stalk'... that sort of stuff .

Lots of em

Some are bound to be extremely good and useful

Many are bound to be dregs

Any recommendations for the good stuff?

Any review websights out there that give a breakdown of how good they are and what they might help you learn?


Looking for The Enemy Within said...

I don't know about any DVD's that would help, But if You Really want to get Good with a Gun, shoot alot of Ammo. Shoot so much that "The Gun becomes "Like a 3nd Hand" Also, learn to Shoot and Move, and move while shooting( With a Hand-Gun and Rifle). Just make your mined-up that your going to shoot so much that your going to wear that Gun Out. Thats my Tip to You !

Anonymous said...

Here's a great one on deer processing from field to the freezer.

I HIGHLY recommend it


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

and here are some samples of not-so good DVD/video