Friday, December 28, 2007

Me? With a 9mm?

If I EVER decided to get a 9mm or .40 handgun I'd probably go for this 1911 style mini pistol made by Springfield called the EMP.

Not shabby. I'd be more likely to get one if there was Concealed Carry laws in my state. (It's Maryland, effective not.) I'd lean toward getting the .40 caliber version. I have a Colt 1903 in .380 if I wanted to carry something in the 9mm size. .40 isn't ideal, but wardrobe choices might necessitate something a little more portable than the standard .45.

And if I get CCW and wardrobe circumstanse are extremely restricted, I'd own a Kel Tec P3-AT, which is .380, and get a holster like this one.

Wallet in one hip pocket, holster in the other. Better get a button on those pants pockets.

But I'm drifting, again. The EMP. It might be worth lifting it onto the master list just because of the cheapness of the ammunition. 9mm and .40 is CHEAP. Relatively, of course.

Let's just say .40 caliber. I won't get it in 9mm. The only 9mm I'd ever own would be a free one, from a gift or somesuch. And even then I'd be tempted to trade it in for another type.

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