Friday, July 19, 2013

Blimp work

Aw, HELL no.  I'm not going up 75 feet in the middle of a big warehouse on a wheeled wooden ladder and stand on the top rung.  I even used to work at a sign company, hanging sign on walls, but not like this.

From here.


ProudHillbilly said... Not for any amount of money.

Jeffersonian1 said...

That... is not a blimp.

That is a dirigible.


Tam said...

Jeebus, my palms sweat just looking at that picture.

FillYerHands said...

I think that the way this picture makes us feel just shows how total the collapse of America is. Our grandfathers would climb that ladder for a dollar an hour, and take a 10 minute lunch of a baloney sandwich and a thermos of milk, and be happy to have the job.

I feel like such a shit.

Tam said...

While I blame a lot of things on the Democrat party, my acrophobia is not one of them.

NotClauswitz said...

Time to chime-in. We (the US) got the ZR3 Los Angeles from the Germans. It was built at the Zeppelin factory in Friedrichhafen originally as the LZ126, and was surrendered to the US Navy as WWI war reparations.
Then we built our own copies the Akron and the Macon which my dad's buddy's father crashed - twice.
More recently they have removed the skin off Hanger-1 at Moffett Field, built for the Macon, it looks rather skeletal.