Friday, July 5, 2013

Single Stack

I am turned off by double stack pistols.  At least the magazines are much more reliable now than they were purported to be decades ago.  I hope the single stack trend continues with other companies in the ways of the Springfield XD Slim.  A S&W M&P single stack with a drop in trigger?  That might cause me to reconsider buying another firearm.

[This article triggered this thought process.] 

The double stacks are just too fat.  Too big a lump in the holster and it's like gripping a baguette at the range, firing it.  While I am glad there are 30 round pistol magazines out there, and scream bloody murder when bans are contemplated, 5 or 7 rounds is fine for me, personally, and tactically, I think.  And I don't understand people that talk about the 1911 having big fat grips and you need big hands to grip it.  It's perfect!  What do you want, 1903 Colt Pocket Hammerless sized grips on everything?

I know many of you are clucking your tongues and shaking your head.  "T-Bolt, didn't you read about that cop that switched to 9mm and big mags when the bad guy just wouldn't stop shooting back until he was about Bingo on ammo?"

Yes, I saw that.  I am not a cop.  I don't have to press an attack to catch a dangerous crook.  Cops do mag dumps on a perp when they see a gun in the process of apprehending said perp. 

"T-Bolt, did you read about those flash mobs attacking people?"

Yes, and if a victim had fired even one round of a .38 snubbie what would the crowd have done? 

"What about home invasions where run out of ammo, T-Bolt, shooting one bad guy and then have the misfortune to find he has a friend in the house behind him, now you have a mad wounded bad guy and an unwounded bad guy to deal with?"

Ah-ha!  NOW you have a point.  But is that a realistic scenario?  Has anyone ever heard of something like that happening outside of a movie?  Victim resists, LOUDLY, and bad guys with an open window behind them ignore their sense of self preservation and press the attack?

The only time that happens is when SWAT or Seal Team 6 has your number (or your house number on the warrant, oopsie, that's a 2 not a 3...  Sorry for killing you and your household pets, Mr. T-Bolt.)  And a pistol with a bajillion beans in the barrel aren't going to get me out of that mess.  And they would tell horrible lies about you on the 6 o'clock news during the standoff if you did fend off the first wave.

There is the old chestnut of  "No one ever says they wish they had less ammo in a firefight."  But that's wrong.  Yes, they do wish that.  Lugging around a full ammo box all your life for the gunfight you will probably never have?  Everyone has to decide and everyone makes the choice for themselves somewhere between single shot .22 Short derringer with no reloads and the backpack fed minigun Jesse Ventura carried in Predator.   I just chose 5 shot .38+P snubbie or a 1911 Commander as my personal solution to the problem.  I could do worse.

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Marty said...

My pref on carry is a small 1911. It's what I carry most of the time. Small enough and thin. My P3AT or a Glock 17 the rest of the time.

I confess it all depends on what I am wearing.