Monday, November 3, 2014

Range II

Lot's of usual suspects there.  And some new faces. 

"Old NFO, JayG, Nancy and her adorably precocious daughter, Murphy, Keads, Aaron, Maureen, David, Larry the Historian, MBtAGE, Glen and his son Brendan from New York, Hayden and his wife Cara, Bubblehead Les, Stretch, John, Bruce, Joby, and Cindy."

One unusual one was Hayden.  He's British, you see.   Wore his Squirrel Report t-shirt and everything. 

The only thing better than shooting a .50 and a Machine Gun is helping facilitate a former resident of the UK shooting a .50 and a Machine Gun.  I was correct in my assumption that he wouldn't have brought spare 7.62x51 with him, so he got a donation from the battle packs MBtGE and I brought along just for this purpose.   And we were happy to do it.  Freedom!  And all that. 

And hey, I learned a valuable skill.  How to link up ammo for the belts.  So I got THAT going for me.

One of my personal purposes on this trip was to zero in my M1A again.  Shooting at gongs the last range trip, I noticed my eyes aren't what they used to be.  The tiny gray target 300 yards away disappears when I look through a peep sight, and the red dot seems huge.  So I swapped the scout stope 2.5x  to the M1A, will restore my Garand to 1960 US Navy issue condtion (It's a 1944 manufacture, rebarrelled to 7.62x51) and will rely on the AR for red dot optics short range stuff.  So there.

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Old NFO said...

IT was great to see you, and glad you got to play with some different 'toys'...