Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yo Vote

Here's the scam.  No one asks you if you are an American citizen when you get your Maryland Driver's license.  And motor-voter registration is practically compulsory.  So now, you are on the voter rolls.  And can drive legally.

So you can vote.   You are registered here.  Of course, this is a crime

When your jury duty comes up, who wants to do THAT?  Just tell them you aren't a citizen and you get out of it.  Of course if you ARE a citizen and claim not to be, that is a crime.  Too.

So, they are finding people that do both.  Claim not to be citizen AND are registered to vote.  It's a matter of public record.  One crime was committed. 

It doesn't matter if you voted or not, but... 

Anyway, lawyers are noticing this and taking these circumstances through the Maryland and Federal legal system.


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Old NFO said...

But is it going to be too little too late (as usual)?