Saturday, February 27, 2016


Sorry to be harping on the subject so much lately, but class is ongoing.

Same with the Dremel subject matter.  I know it gets old.  Here is a Dremel gunsmithing rule of thumb.  Did you learn all your gunsmithing from YouTube?  Well, unless you make passable Faberge Egg reproduction by hand with a Dremel, maybe take a bunch of classes before putting a carbide bit to gun.

Today was sposed to be NO gun school  But another class bowed out, so it is an unofficial work shop day.  Ima take advantage of that and just tool about there, unsupervised for the most part.  Maybe play with sight fitting or slide finishing.  There are some tedious jobs I can do with 5 minutes of instruction and hours of messing. Might try to attempt that.   

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