Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I need to go hiking more

Maybe not.


Bob said...

There is nothing slicker than wet rock with algae on it. West of where I live is a state park that features a waterfall with a single 80-foot drop. There is a trail to the top of the waterfall. At the top, there is a rail fence that blocks hikers from walking to the edge of the waterfall which, like most falls, is made of stone that is rounded, worn, and slick with algae. Signs on the fence warn DANGER OF DEATH! At least once every year, some foolish soul jumps the fence and ventures out onto the rock to try and peek over the edge.

The rock is wet with spray, and covered with algae; the foot slips, the hiker falls, slides down the rock, scrabbling and grasping for purchase and finding none, over (s)he goes, a scream ends in a sickening thud. 80 feet is eight stories.

One every year.

ASM826 said...

Going hiking is not going to fall down. Going to fall down is a different activity altogether. Not recommended.

Going hiking nowadays means having trekking poles, too. The best new thing in hiking equipment since the waist belt on a pack.

I did a week on the A.T. in October. I did not fall once and I crossed several streams and wet areas.

Unknown said...

You live near Asheville NC to, huh?